Meet the canvassers

Sue Ryder actively canvasses for players to join our weekly lottery. We do this door to door and in shops to raise much needed funds for our care centres to provide care in your local area. Canvassing in this way is one of the most cost effective ways of us gaining the support we require to raise the £14.7million we need every year as a charity. Please check the below areas to see the canvassers working on our behalf. All have ID badges, blue Sue Ryder uniform and for security reasons use an iPad to collect your data. If you can’t see the person that you spoke to please contact us on 0207 554 5985 or as occasionally new staff start working for us before we’ve had chance to update the website.

Our Telephone Activity
Along with Face to Face canvassers, we also use a team to call people on the phone. We only call people who have donated to us in the past or people how have specifically requested a call about the lottery.  The telephone number they call from is; 0203 553 4019.  If you call the number back, you will hear an answer machine message.  However to check the validity of the callers identity, or to ask us to remove you from our call lists, you should call our own Supporter Care team on 0207 554 5985.  We haven’t put their details below to make sure that no one else can use their name or ID number.


Area Badge ID Agent Name
Leckhampton Court Hospice 
Cheltenham All GL postcodes Various shops throughout the area
GM6918 Graham Mason
TB6627 Trevor Baxter
 EP6512 Ewhen Pidhoreckyj
KM6658 Kevin Mann
JA6538 John Annis
NB6929 Nick Berg
Thorpe Hall Hospice
Peterborough All PE and some SG postcodes Various shops throughout the areaSt Johns Hospice
Bedford SG, MK and some PE postcodes Various shops throughout the area
MG6665 Martin Godfrey
  JN6905 John Nutting
MS6107 Mark Smith
LR6695 Laura Robinson
  AB6880 Andre Bishop
KM6658 Kevin Mann
RH6976 Ronald Hudson
DN6911 Dominic Neale
Junior Cuffy
Paul Bescoby
Dora Shadbolt
Larissa Keeley
Lee Maxwell
Robert Hooper
Duchess of Kent Hospice
Reading All RG postcodesNettlebed Hospice
Henley-on-Thames RG and OX postcodes Various shops throughout the area
KM6658 Kevin Mann
GM6918 Graham Mason
AO6848 Alfred Oloya
LR6695 Laura Robinson
TB6627 Trevor Baxter
GA6356 Geoff Alleyne
JA6538 John Annis
NB6929 Nick Berg
Wheatfields Hospice
LeedsManorlands Hospice
Keighley All LS and BD postcodes and various shops in the area
KM6658 Kevin Mann
KF6879 Kenneth Flyyn
AR6975 Adrian Rhodes
IH6839 Ian Hutchinson
CR6930 Clive Rodgers
The Chantry
Ipswich IP & NR postcodes Various shops throughout the area
MS6107 Mark Smith
KM6658 Kevin Mann
LR6695 Laura Robinson
NB6646 Neil Bennett
AO6848 Alfred Oloya
Dee View Court
Aberdeen AB postcodes and various shops throughout the area.
00903 May Kelbie
00906 Mike Jarvis
00905 Chris Bray
00586 Gary Mochrie
00713 Neil Gordon
00914 David Gove